August 26, 2015


Casting Call for SS 15-16 Photo Shoot

We're casting for Photographer, two models and a hair and makeup artist for the photography of the Spring Summer 15-16 collection.

The casting is being held on 1st September on Sydney's Northern Beaches and the photos shoot will be scheduled for the following week (weather dependent).

Models look is healthy and beachy.

Further information, please email


Sarong Hut is Australia's largest provider of sarongs. We're looking for a photographer, models, hair and makeup for marketing and showcasing our SS15-16 collection. Photos will be used online store, social media and direct advertising.

We're looking for two beachy, sun kissed (fake tan is go), Aussie models. No height restrictions however a healthy body is necessary. Applicants must provide several recent photos.

Photos taken on the day can be used by all for portfolios after they're released by Sarong Hut for publication and marketing.

A casting will be held in the first week of September and the one day photo shoot is scheduled to take place week starting 7th September near Manly Beach, depending on weather.

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Juice Cleanse Recipe - Beetroot & Apple

I really do love doing these lifestyle juicing Vlogs! I'm coming up with my own little concoctions all the time. Lovin' it!

With Spring just around the corner, in the Australia, to lose a few extra kilos, I'm having one for breakfast and storing the second batch in the fridge for a pre lunch or afternoon snack. It seriously curbs my appetitive.

i use the Magic Bullet because it keeps all the pulp in tact and to me, this fills me up and is such an easy way to get my serving of fresh fruit and veg each day. Fibre! It's also super easy to clean up.

I buy organic as often as possible. While it does cost a bit more, I find it keeps for double or triple the time than non organic. 

The ingredients for this recipe include;

Dark kale

Light kale

Granny Smith Apple





Thanks for watching & Live Well!


Behind the scenes of the Spring Summer Collection, shot last week in Bali

 What an incredible day! With a wake up call of 5:30am we didn't call it a wrap until 7pm. Shot on location at Echo Beach, Caggu, Bali

Our photographer Gerhard worked relentlessly, along side Stylist, Mary Joe and of course the three gorgeous models. The new collection will be available for purchase, early September!

A special thanks to Rigon Headwear for supplying a collection of their latest seasons headwear

Here's a quick interview with Gerhard on his life in Bali

Q You did an amazing job with the Sarong Hut Spring Summer Collection photo shoot in Bali in July '14. You directed the models beautifully! Do most of your fashion shoots run for 13 hours like ours did?

It really depends on the job. Some shoots may only take an hour or two. Others a few days.

Q How old were you when you became a professional photographer and what inspired you?

I was about 29 years old. I was originally working in film and television while doing still photography in my spare time. What swayed me to do photography full time was the simplicity and immediacy of telling a story of a single moment as opposed to many moments in film and tv.

Q Describe your first big break as a professional photographer.

My first big break as a photographer happened when a Music magazine in South Africa asked me to photograph an Alanis Morisette show. That's when it dawned on me how much fun I can have working as a lensman.

Q What would be your perfect client or project?

That's a tough one. I'd say a perfect client/project is one where we are on the same wavelength creatively. Where the collaboration allows us to create images that satisfies all our needs as client/artist.

Q I know you do a mix of surf and fashion photography. I imagine you come across some demanding clients and hopefully Sarong Hut doesn’t fall into that category! How does the average day for each type of shoot differ? i.e. Fashion vs Surfing

The Sarong Hut shoot was a lot of fun. I'd say there's no average day in any field of photography. Locations are different. The people are different. For me it's always fresh and unique. This is why I love it.

Q An original South African, what are the pros and cons of working in Bali as a pro photographer?

For me personally the pros outweigh the cons to the point where the cons are insignificant. I love the Balinese people and culture. The locations and light are amazing and it's still really affordable as a destination/location.

Gerhard Engelbrecht

Sarong Loving Celebrities

Celebrities Wearing Sarongs from Bernadette Foy on Vimeo.


We love these celebs who love their sarongs!