Bernadette Foy - Founder of Sarong Hut

Behind the Sarong Hut Brand

Founded by Bernadette Foy

Sarong Hut was born in 2012 by me, Bernadette Foy (aka Bernie). I’m a former swimwear model from the late ‘80’s (giving my age away ha!) and these days, I’m an empty nester which gives me more time to throw my focus into my sarong obsession. I also love camping along the Aussie coast and exploring the world, solo style.

Back in 2011, in the leadup to a holiday, I went searching high and low for a decent sarong and couldn’t find one, so I made the decision to dive deep; research and learn all I could about sarongs. After embarking my way through a mountain of discovery, I went ahead and launched the online hub that you see today; enabling easy accessibility for my fellow sarong loving Aussie’s and sarong-lovers from around the globe.

I have a genuine and real passion for the humble sarong. Sarong Hut is an absolute pleasure to me and I’m really proud of the brand that has slowly evolved over the years.

Small Boutique

As a family operation, Sarong Hut is based in Lane Cove - Sydney and proudly falls into the category of ‘cottage industry’, and I’ll continue to keep it that way. Quality over quantity. From time to time, my sons, Alex & Chris lend a hand in the business and assist with the direction of the Men’s collection, which is fun. My big sister, Shaunagh and I collaborate around designs.


Aussie owned & designed, the sarong designs are based on comfort, style and freedom. I prioritise comfort, utilising breathable fabrics and I try to offer a broad selection of vibrant and earthy colours to suit different appetites. The collections are made up of various grades of quality rayon and cotton fabrics with a view to suit all budgets. I launch a new collection around-about every 6 months and I’m always open to new ideas and inspiration from clever customers too! Always feel free to reach out to me if I would love to see something I don’t currently have on offer and we can collaborate on a design.

Social Responsibilities

Responsibly sourced, I support local as much as possible and I believe in paying a premium in support of ethical and fair trade when it comes to sourcing materials and labour. Every sarong and accessory is sourced by way of other small family owned businesses.

The majority of the Sarong Hut collection is hand printed using either batik or block style printing methods which adds to the integrity of this cottage industry business and retains respect to the history of the sarong.

The Future

In 2023 I’m now steering packaging away from single use plastic to biodegradable and no-plastic where possible, while still respecting the integrity of the sarong during transit to you.

Later this year, I’ll be launching the very first 100% organic cambric cotton collection which is so exciting! If you’re interested in learning about the various types of rayon and cotton. If you’d like to know any more, please feel free to contact me.

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