Hong Kong Fashion Week - Day 3 Runway Show

A short clip I shot of Day 3 Runway Show at Hong Kong Fashion Week. Some really creative designs from these emerging designers!


Hair & Makeup for the Catwalk

This week, I attended Hong Kong Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014... it was a great experience! I went to a workshop by Hair and Makeup artist, Cecelia Emma Pritchard, Lecturer, Department of Fashion Design Image and I'm here to share her top tips.




Current trends on the catwalk are pastel colours and what's definitely trending is the double eyeliner. Either a very painted and theatrical look or the other extreme, very natural. To translate this to street wear, Cecelia suggests you choose what best matches your personality. 

Cecelia has decided to go with double eyeliner, in a strong mint colour and framing the lashes with a strong purple mascara for contrast.

Cecelia's model has flawless skin so she's using Mac Studio Sculpt with a very light coverage. Models will sometimes be a little nervous before a runway show and with fast wardrobe changes and hot lights, Cecelia applies foundation to the neck and ears, covering any redness. She mixes a small amount of concealer with the foundation and applies to the under eye, the crease of the nose and either side of the lips.

Cecelia then uses Mac Paint Tube, primer for the eyes and applies it right up to the eyebrow. Emma swears by this product as it creates true staying power for the eyeshadow.

She immediately sets the foundation by pressing with a light powder, particularly under the eyes to prevent smudging.

Cecelia buys a lot of supplies from Korea where she says makeup is super cheap and value for money. She picked up a great, strong mint coloured pencil liner. First she applies black gel liner to the upper lash line, waits for it to dry, then lines the second coat, above and over the black liner in the mint, applying right the way around the eye including the tear duct and under the lower lashes. She then blends out the mint on the lower lashes.

Next up, Cecelia uses a bright purple Dior mascara and builds the lashes, both top and bottom.

Cecelia's leaving the models eyebrows fairly untouched, hover she notes that the full and filled out eyebrow is really popular right now.

With the model smiling, she lightly dusts the apples of the cheek with a soft pink blush and matches the lip with a light pink gloss. 


With swift wardrobe changes, Cecelia is opting for a double ponytail. She then applies 'Shine Spray' to Tigi Bed Head creating a super sleek gloss! I'll definitely be investing in a bottle of that. A note of caution, it's super slippery on the floor, so use sparingly.

Makeup Brushes

I asked Cecelia which brand for brushes are best to use, and she said it really doesn't matter as most are pretty good quality,even the cheaper ones - it's more about finding one which feels right for the task. She also said that synthetic brushes are best used for liquids like foundation and concealer while natural bristles are better for the powders as they're less absorbent.


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Sarong Hut 2013 Photo Shoot

On Location Photo Shoot, 2013 in Bali

Top 10 Self Tanning Products

Looking for self tanner that suits your skin type can be very challenging... particularly if you want to avoid looking like an Ompah Loompa!

With literally hundreds of brands out there, it can all be a tad daunting so we've put together a list of our top ten self tanners that we've tried and tested to give you perfectly glowing, sun-kissed skin. They're not in any particular order.

Self tanners come in different forms like lotion, mousse, gel, cream, spray and even wipes! Here we go:

1. Sephora Gradual Self Tanning Face Water
From the latest beauty products of Sephora Collection, this is gentle self-tanning formula that gradually gives your skin a beautiful golden glow. It has a non-sticky texture for easy application, it definitely leaves you bronzed and streak free! You might also like the Sephora Moisturizing Bronzing Body Lotion which can give long-lasting hydration without leaving a greasy feel. The bonus with this one actually smells better than other self tanners.

2. Fake Bake Self-tan Liquid & Professional Mitt
Can’t wait all night to have that fake tan you want? Here’s Fake Bake Self-tan Liquid & Professional Mitt to the rescue! With a professional mitt that is included in the box, apply this fast absorbing formula generously onto your skin and leave on for up to three hours. Wash off to take a glimpse of the bronzed deity!

3. Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer - Self Tanning Mousse
With incessant aim to push the boundaries of suncare innovation, Garnier is brilliant to have this air-whipped self-tanning mousse. Just right for anyone who wishes to have an even, natural-looking tan

4. Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe Lotion
Definitely worth the wait, Xen-Tan’s innovative self tanner gives a streak-free color you’ll surely love. The effect deepens into a dark self tan that can last up to 7 days. So if you want to achieve an ins-TAN-taneous sun-kissed skin, this non-greasy, gentle formula with a light vanilla scent is just perfect!

5. St Tropez Dark Bronzing Lotion
Want to look completely natural? This is absolutely my number one pick! A bit more expensive than the others but far cheaper than having weekly spray tans at a salon. It seems to have more of a green base upon application, as opposed to orange. Grab this steak-free formulation for a more intense tan and be sure to buy the application mitt as well. This is an ultra-absorbent lotion that produces the deepest, darkest natural-looking tan perfect for men and women. You don't even need to rinse this one off.

6. Clinique Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion
This self tanner really rocks! If you want to create a golden tan colour in just a few hours, this tinted lotion is an ideal use. No surprises, it gives smooth, even and natural looking bronzed skin you desire.

7. L'Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Clear Self-Tanning Gel
This one used to be my favourite before switching to St Tropez... but it's still really good! For 100% natural looking tan, try this cooling gel. This innovative self tanner which is the first ever formula free of parabens has convenient spray packaging for easy application. It gives beautiful tan ever with absolutely no streaking!

8. Marks and Spencer Self Tan Formula
For a fabulous looking skin tone, try this fake tanning moisturiser from Marks and Spencer. As promised, this non-greasy lotion can help you get the gorgeous sun-kissed glow you can ever imagine.

9. Melvita's Pro-Sun Gel-crème Hydratant
This bestseller amazing fake tanning gel crème is totally eco-friendly, safe for sensitive skin. So if you’re new to self-tanning products, this light and gentle cream can help you achieve the sun-kissed tone without cringey streaks.

10. Famous Dave's Tanner – Self Tan Wipes
Tanning the smart way? Famous Dave's Tanner comes with incredibly convenient wipes perfect for anyone who is constantly on the go. No mess, no fuss, these non-fragrant self tanning wipes are wrapped individually for easy application and touch-ups.

A note on the Mitts

These are not expensive and they're definitely worth it. They prevent the tanner from absorbing into your hands and wrists. You can but one from a pharmacy or eBay. If you don't use a kit, wash your hands with soap, right after applying and try some sorbelene cream to your wrists before application.


Self tanning products have come a long way since the 80's. Given a choice, I'd probably try the St Tropez first... it's amazing! Whichever product you choose; just make sure you blend well to avoid streaks and avoid applying to the ankle area.


June 29, 2014


My Juice Cleanse with NutriBullet

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