Juice Cleanse Recipe - Beetroot & Apple

I really do love doing these lifestyle juicing Vlogs! I'm coming up with my own little concoctions all the time. Lovin' it!

With Spring just around the corner, in the Australia, to lose a few extra kilos, I'm having one for breakfast and storing the second batch in the fridge for a pre lunch or afternoon snack. It seriously curbs my appetitive.

i use the Magic Bullet because it keeps all the pulp in tact and to me, this fills me up and is such an easy way to get my serving of fresh fruit and veg each day. Fibre! It's also super easy to clean up.

I buy organic as often as possible. While it does cost a bit more, I find it keeps for double or triple the time than non organic. 

The ingredients for this recipe include;

Dark kale

Light kale

Granny Smith Apple





Thanks for watching & Live Well!